Artist Statement

My lifelong interest in art and design has led me to explore different art forms including architecture, painting, drawing, calligraphy, photography and textiles. However, it was not until I began working with glass that I discovered my true passion for a medium. I am captivated by the qualities of glass, and excited by the challenges inherent in working with this material as it changes state from hot, molten and pliable to cold, rigid and fragile. In creating my work, I am inspired by the natural world and its infinite possibilities of colour, pattern, texture and form. Each piece is handcrafted with care and attention to detail as I aim to create objects suffused with beauty and joy.

My practice is based in the long tradition of glass making, a physically challenging and endlessly creative pursuit. I am inspired by the properties of glass itself to continue to perfect my craft, and to master the techniques and processes necessary to harness the innate beauty of this light filled substance. Glass blowing is a demanding and exciting art form, a process as dynamic and fluid as hot glass itself. In contrast, when the glass has cooled it requires patience and precision to cold work each piece to completion. These techniques, such as engraving, carving, and polishing, require hours of painstaking work but are rewarded with intricate patterns, tactile textures and delicate forms.